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Know more about ElectroMyoStimulation

EMS, a proven technology

Electromyostimulation has been primarily used for high level athletes (e.g. Usain Bolt, Karim Benzema) to improve their physical performance, increase muscle mass, decrease fat mass (weight loss without losing muscle), increase explosiveness and reflexes ...

Nowadays, EMS is opened for a much larger audience and offers a wide range of workout programmes responding to the different needs of the users.

Medical studies are formal! ElectroMyostimulation (or Electro muscle stimulation) allows you to obtain a stronger and deeper muscle contraction by soliciting 100% of your muscle fibers (Type I & II).

Unlike traditional training devices, MyoTec technology stimulates agonist and antagonist muscles as well as deep muscle groups.

This uses these painless low frequency impulses so that your muscles dynamically oppose them, this type of training gives 18 time more results than a traditional  weight lifting practice.

MyoTec offers twenty-minutes full body electromyostimulation, assisted by a specialized coach. A session takes place as follows: once the outfit is put on, the accompanying coach connects the device to the electrodes and chooses the intensity each of the muscles will work and therefore has the ability to focus on particular parts of the body if you wish to.


How does a session run? 


The day of your appointment, your coach will be assisting and equiping  you with a (wireless) specific device. The practice will start with by maintaining different positions during the stimulation of the electrodes on the muscles which will intensify the effort.

The session lasts twenty minutes during which you alternate between different positions to allow to contract different muscle groups. The workout will be ending with a massage and relaxation programme to avoid stiffness and relieve the muscles that have been strained!

After your training session, you are free to discover our additional services for a complete MyoTec journey with MyoScan and MyoBoost products for your wellness.

EMS with Myotec provides a complete and efficient workout as welll as wellness programmes to reach your expected results, without spending long hours in the gym and harmoniously sculpt the body while fighting against cellulite thanks to the activation of the venous return by the electrodes.

In addition, feel free to approach your coach to discover all Myotec services for a smoother transformation journey with EMS.


Noted: No contraindication, except for people with a pacemaker or during pregnancy

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