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Start your Transformation journey with MyoTec!



ElectroMyoStimulation: Wellness in just 20 minutes!

  • Limited Bandwidth to practice sport and want to get fit or maintain your weight?

  • Injured and you can not perform "traditional" trainings?


  • Improving your performance (explosiveness, strength, reflexes...) with limited efforts ?



EMS is the solution for your body !


  • 20 minutes per week only

  • Guaranteed results to achieve your objectives

  • Personal trainer to guide you during your transformation,


Because your success is our goal.

MyoTec, a well established EMS Brand in Europe and beyond !

Since 2015, Myotec counts 

15 EMS centers with presence in France, UK, Martinique and soon in Morocco and United Arab Emirates

 +50 certified EMS coaches

 +10,000 EMS performers

 7 Awards in France in recognition of MyoTec's    success


Innovative Solutions translating MyoTec's positioning in the EMS world

Wireless Device

  • Move freely during your training session 

  • A perfect solution for advanced athletes to push your efforts in dynamic workouts

  • Flexibility to perform wherever you want

Multiple training programs adapted to your objectives

MaxForce, a unique tool, monitoring your contraction power and efforts during your trainings


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